Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Welcome to my first blog...if only I knew what to say now!

I guess a good place to begin would be why I've set up this blog. I recently graudated from studying English Literature and books is what I like! If you get me talking about books you'll struggle to stop me talking! I think that reading reveals to us human nature, people's desires and the pattern of human behaivour. As a Christian I believe that we are made in the image of God and part of this means that we are creative. God created the world but he didnt make everything grey, he didnt make one kind of tree and only the goldfish! No, he made a variety of trees, a rainbow of colours and hundreds of types of fish and on hundreds of pieces of paper, written by hundreds of authors we have managed to create our own worlds and our own creatures and our own utopias. I believe this shows not only how we are beings created in the image of God but it also shows how much we need God; as we create our own worldswith the use of a pen we are showing our desire to be somewhere else - we aren't at home in this world. Whats more, stories always end-you don't introduce a story and walk away and this again shows our dissatisfaction in our world. Through literature we can see the God who created the universe and how much we need him! Well, if there is any reason to read surely this is it! And even if you don't believe in God I think we can learn so much about the basic desires of humans-through the recurring themes that constantly arise through literature.

So what I plan to do is basically review the books I am reading and have a think further about what I have just been explaining about. I might also throw in anything funny happening in Scouseland along the way!

Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

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  1. oh how i LOVE finding people with BLOGS!! can't wait to read some reviews and hope you are shiny and lovely and WELL! :) haven't seen you in foreveeer!! :)